Choir of Young Believers: This Is For The White In Your Eyes

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The Amazon page for this contains many reviews from people who loved Swedish noir crime drama The Bridge and bought this album because opening track Hollow Talk is the theme.

Many seem disappointed, with comments such as “I gave it away to someone else,” “the rest is pretty mediocre” and “most likely for the much younger generation”.

Oh dear. Don’t believe them. Just because they’re too lazy to make any effort, you shouldn’t be put off.

It’s true that Hollow Talk, that Bridge theme, is an outstanding track, with its dreamy vocals and progression from lonely piano to machine gun snare. Whether you’ve seen the programme or not, it’s going to be an early standout song. For fans of The Bridge it comes with baggage, having been heard many times while quivering with excitement at the drama about to unfold, and it takes several plays for the rest of the album to catch up.

Why Must It Always Be This Way is also very good (and very familiar: this album was released in Denmark in 2008) and other tracks, such as She Walks become better the more you listen. Action/Reaction is a good pop tune.

Choir of Young Believers is actually one bloke, singer, writer and guitarist Jannis Noya Makrigiannis from Copenhagen, who ropes in a supporting cast as needed. They’re big in Denmark.

Musically, this is atmospheric orchestral indie pop. Jannis manages to produce a sound that’s both intimate and epic, based on guitar and piano, and his own voice, which can be ethereal and hollow or melodic depending on the tune.

Worth buying for Hollow Talk alone but a decent album even without that monster track

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