The Last Vinci

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Years ago, the Review Corner used to visited the Netherlands on a regular basis, and peruse the record store in Oosterhout or even in the bright lights of Breda. Invariably there’d be something from a local band playing moderately-well recorded rock, singing in heavily accented English. It had a charm of its own but we may have been its only purchasers. (One year the record store man said: “I have English band here, you have heard of maybe? Dire Straits. Very good song,” which is how we bought Sultans of Swing before it was a hit).

We mention this because The Last Vinci album opens with Thanks For Everyday and its (well recorded) European sound was completed by the heavily accented English. For a moment we thought it would be embarrassingly bad, but it’s not, it’s actually pretty good, though the accent from the realms of a Fast Show or Phoenix Nights pastiche may be too much for some.
Everyday is a bit ropey at first play, though it’s not bad at all and improves with repeated listening.

The album is melodic and derivative bluesy rock, though not as raucous as the excellent Belgians Triggerfinger, one of our 2013 bands of the year. It’s somewhere between the dirtiness of Metallica and the shininess of the Foos. Follow Your Order opens with the sound effect of drums coming out of a broom cupboard, which always works for us and it’s a strong riffy rock tune.

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