Ward Thomas: From Where We Stand

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Play this pop / country album through and you’ll be wondering where they’re from: Nashville? The Canadian Maritimes? Er, nope, they’re 20-year-old twin sisters and from Hampshire. They did have a Canadian cousin, though.

On one hand that explains its slightly pedestrian feel: we have a theory that country is so suited to America because it goes well with long car journeys, the kind where your whole life seems to be narrowed down to the highway. You want music that just moseys along. English people don’t need that and this music is too clever and subtle for a long drive. It’s pedestrian in the sense that if you walk with it on, it’ll put a spring in your step.

On the other hand, if American country fans pick up on this, it’ll be massive and then they really will be living in Nashville.

Rather like Sunjay Brayne (elsewhere this week), it’s jaw-droppingly good for performers so young. And they write all their own tunes.

As they’re twins, their voices go together well, and the tunes are crisply played and well produced. They do upbeat pop and more gloomy acoustic numbers, and the album closes with the rock country Town Called Ugely.

If we had to find a downside, it would be that it might be too poppy and slick for country purists and it’s a little bit lightweight but that’s just finding fault.

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