Kill It Kid: You Owe Nothing

review kill it kidA x1 cong

We were expecting some kind of indie pop band from the name. The opening track took revenge for this preconception by beating us around the head with a length of nail-hard blues and dowsing us in spit and sawdust.

They’re so hard they make Royal Blood sound like One Direction. OK, perhaps that’s an exaggeration but there are twice as many Kids as Bloods, so there’s more meat to the music. As Lemmy would say: “Kerrang!”

Kill It Kid are somewhere between Free/Bad Company and Led Zep, with both earthy blues and a hammer of the gods type rock being played. The throaty vocals and fat sound are also reminiscent of Audioslave: Chris Cornell’s vocals aside, they could be a little dull so we’ll avoid that comparison.

Opener Black It Out is Zep-like for its changes in tempo and sound, and with dual vocals from a bloke and a woman, there’s even something of the Planty about it. The closing 30 seconds or so see some very Page-like guitar work.

They’re a talented band. Obviously Royal Blood are cool right now, but Kill It Kid are better and everything is spot on, from the riffage to the vocals. It’s just a shame our volume control doesn’t have an 11, but one song is called Sick Case of Loving. What more do you want?

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