The Best of Cerrone Productions

review cerrone x1 cong

There’s a number of cheesy disco hits we always lump together, nowhere near as cool as Donna Summer’s I Fee Love but classics in their own right, such as Space’s Magic Fly and Cerrone’s Supernature, both 1977. (That year is more likely to be remembered for punk, yet I Feel Love was probably even more revolutionary, a fully electronic dance track that changed dance music forever).
Marc Cerrone’s hit was more cheesy and the cover of this double CD of hits sums it up, recalling the days when dance floors were the haunt of the sex-hungry dance fiends (Saturday Night Fever, also 1977) with moustaches and flowing shirts. The tunes are naff but lovable. Despite its cheesiness, the Cerrone sound was everywhere — the 70s were also the era of that Swiss cheese marketing victory, the fondu. Cheese was in, man.
This double CD is surprisingly solid, given the repetitive nature of the tunes (Cerrone was a drummer so the beat just goes on and on and on and on…).
Supernature itself is one of the more lightweight tracks, and the disco covers of sings like House Of The Rising Sun are better than might be expected.
CD1 seems to be the hits, CD2 the more experimental side —these are the songs that would appear on movie soundtracks but you never noticed in the film itself. The tracks by BOF Brigade Mondaine (us neither and there’s no sleeve notes) sound quite modern, though.
Old disco fans should seek this out, modern DJs might find more than one song that’s worth dropping on the dance floor, as we believe young people say today. Out now.

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