Funeral For A Friend: Chapter and Verse

review shikariB x1 cong

Having said that (see last comment above) Funeral For A Friend perhaps show why Enter Shikari are so good. FFaF came up with the post-hardcore / emo revival 15 years ago and won best newcomers with Kerrang!
They’ve played with bands like Saosin and Hawthorne Heights, whose music is pretty predictable — but it’s what fans want.
FFaF’s fanbase wants big riffs and melody played fast, so even though this is a “political” album, the message is buried under the riffage and shouty vocals. The album tackles topics such as wealth inequality and feminism, but without lyrics it’s hard to tell what they’re saying so you’re left with the music, which is pretty predictable.
It’s not bad — lots of energy, very loud, more riffs than an Angus Young convention and muscular vocals. We doubt it will get much beyond the current fanbase, though.

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