Quartet Base: Le Diapason

review quartet x1 cong
Another release on the French Circum-disk label, Quartet Base is a jazz outfit that, like Troyka, seems to rely on some degree of improvisation, and, again like Troyka, seem a band capable of a little humorous mischief.
This is an album which we’d guess is avant-garde jazz, though the sound is varied. It opens with a very grungy (no, really: super grungy) garage-rock riff on guitar (possibly bass) before more standard jazz drumming comes in, backed by whacky brass sounds, Pig Bag style. Then, unexpectedly, appear vocals at half the tempo of the music, a bit like Nick Cave after a handful of downers. This track is called That Too Much Hurts Me Part 1: Nirvana play discordant jazz.
That Too Much Hurts Me Part 2, on the other hand, is more conventional bluesy jazz, the only allowance for the avant garde being some slightly harsh brass.
Track three (yes, That Too Much Hurts Me Part 3) combines Cream-esque psychedelic rock with jazz and a touch of the avant gardes. If you ever wanted Miles Davies playing Deep Purple by way of Kyuss, this is it. We like this for its inspired lunacy.

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