Epoca Barocca: Janitsch, Sonate Da Chiesa

review janitsch x1 cong

Yet another relative unknown who deserves better, this is a lovely album. If you want to listen to classical music, this is how you imagine it: gentle, timeless baroque music playing in the background while you read Dickens, or press wild flowers or paint. Cultured.

Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708–1763) was a German Baroque composer and held various positions at the court of the Kingdom of Prussia, eventually becoming the personal musician of Frederick the Great. Sadly, much of his music was lost during World War II.

He specialised in the oboe and that and the viola get front of stage in places in this collection of work, played by chamber music ensemble Epoca Barocca, who specialise in baroque music on original instruments. He’s been dead a long time, but part of the appeal is that this still sounds fresh and alive. Delicate, but delightful.

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