GoGo Penguin: v2.0

review gogo x1 cong

We actually bought this ourselves — paid our own money for it — mainly because it was on Gondwana records, and we had a press release from them quite recently and they sounded cool.

Gogo Penguin are a jazz trio and to our ears it sounds like Bob James, the famous inventor of easy listening jazz (theme of Taxi for those who don’t know) updated for a modern generation.

While James’s jazz was easy on the ear it required a lot of skill to play and this is similarly easy to listen to but played by equally talented musicians.

Its jazz with a groove and far from background music, though it is also just very pleasant to listen to.  If you like more easy jazz or more pop-based funk jazz or any kind of jazz, or just really nice music come to that, then this is worth a listen.

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