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Echosmith: Talking Dreams

review echomsith x1 cong

This is an excellent pop album, with all the benefits and disadvantages that entails.

On the upside: think Ladyhawke. Catchy/lively pop/dance tunes that rapidly wend their way into your brain. They’re all catchy and instantly likeable; not least Come Together, the opening track, and Cool Kids, which is all about wishing you were as cool as the aforementioned young people who are cooler than oneself.

On the downside, while you might love this to death and play it over and over for a couple of weeks, its predictability and lack of risk mean you’ll probably tire of the sound. Compare and contrast with the Duke Special (reviewed this week): his songs have less mass appeal but more legs, and his album has the potential to become a long-term favourite. This will join the likes of Black Kids, MGMT, Iglu and Hartley and that other band whose name we forget. The In One Ear lot.

But, hey, it is pop music and not meant to be Mozart, and on that basis it’s fab, as the cool kids say. Fans of theaforementioned Ladyhawke, as well as those who like U2 guitars, Fleetwood Mac harmony and catchy hooks should give it a go. We reckon they are releasing it at the right time: time for spreading the word, building to a big summer hit album.
We suppose we should mention that they are all siblings from the Sierota family: Sydney (a girl), Noah, Jamie and Graham.

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