Odinn Baldvinsson, Patricia Romero: Cantilena II

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Odinn Baldvinsson, Patricia Romero Cantilena II
The main appeal of this charming album is how the flute and piano meld — the two musicians work really well together. We’re struggling to say much about the music itself (and curse the fact that no-one seems to review other than the big-name classical CDs): these are delicate summery pieces that range in sound from rather serious music, to which you can imagine people listing earnestly, to music that would be suited to a slightly scary Gothic movie and then to a sound that’s not too far from jazz. It seems slightly harsh to call it background music, but we’ve listened to it several times this week in the evening while reading and it makes for, er, a very good background music. Divine Art DDA25126.

review classicalB x1 cong

Marcello Fantoni, Marco Ramelli Castilo: Guitar Music
We’re struggling even more than with the flute and piano album above to say anything about this. Manuel Castillo is noted for the technical proficiency of his compositions (so the sleeve notes say) and Messrs Fantoni and Ramelli are obviously very good guitar players, so it’s cleverly composed guitar and played to a high standard.
If you play the guitar you’ll probably appreciate the technical wizardry on display here, otherwise it’s got a proper Spanish feel to it that’s genuinely poetic rather than clichéd. As with the album above, it’s cruel just to call it background music but it does make for a nice backdrop. That’s better: backdrop music. The Castillo Quartet also appear towards the end, where it does get a little more discordant and harsh. Out now, Naxos 8573365.

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