Gilbert Rowland: Handel: Suites for Harspichord Vol3

review handel x1 cong

Having spent the week listening to Sebastien Fagerlund’s intellectually stimulating music (see this page) and the thrash punk of Gallows (ditto), and enjoying both, it’s a big jump to Rowland’s presentation of Handel’s harpsichord music, whose aim is “merely” to entertain. We’ve enjoyed this too, but there’s just less to say, at least without just reprinting a chunk of Mr Handel’s life. He lived in the same house as Jimi Hendrix, you know.
Handel is renowned for his operas and orchestral pieces but turned out a large volume of keyboard music, which is largely overlooked. This double CD seeks to address this.
Veteran player Rowland is a renowned harpsichordist so the standards are high. He plays crisply and it’s entertaining; we’d guess much of the music on here was originally written to dance to in cultured soirees. Not much else to say: two hours of harpsichord, if that floats your boat it’s out now on Divine Art DDA21225.

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