Rob J Madin: Cracked Shattered and Pop

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And then there are albums that utterly defy classification. Madin is best known for his comedy creation Brett Domino, who does slightly geeky musical comedies — he’s got 20 million hits on YouTube and did a Comic Relief song. He’s also C-Bomb, a slightly geeky dubstep producer in Sheffield, who had a pilot television show. We’ve not heard of him. We’ve not got our fingers on the sweat of pop culture, never mind the pulse.
This album is not geeky or amusing. It’s an ambitious album: prog rock meets cheesy 70s chart fodder by way of Britpop and Elton John. Madin, who grew up in Chesterfield, wrote the songs at Leeds College of Music when he was studying music production and plays drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. We hope he got an A for this project. For this album, comedy partner Ste Anderson plays drums.
We reckon that he’s really proud of this. He’s probably been around long enough to know that only his mum and his mates will buy it, but you never know; he might smile as it flops but he’ll die a little inside. But while it’s all over the shop stylistically, it’s a great showcase for his talents.
We don’t really know who’d buy it, and, if they bought it, who’d enjoy it. There’s the poppy Waste Of Space, the edgy, rocky Nervous Wreck and the thrashy pop/punk Tea Break — 40-odd seconds long, it’s literally a tea break in the album. Impressive musically, less successful as an album to sit and listen to. If he gets loads of Press coverage, we might be proved wrong. We kind of hope so. If not, hopefuly someone gives him some studio time to make the prog rock album he just knows he needs to make.

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