Jason Derulo: Everything Is 4

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We tend to be a little sniffy about performers like this — sexist lyrics, formulaic RnB — but we have to say that Derulo has finally beaten us down and this isn’t bad at all. In fact track seven Broke, is nearly a must-hear tune, with a massive beat and catchy hook. But not quite. Mind you, it features Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban so it shouldn’t work at all.
It opens with Want To Want Me, a slick retro disco tune that veers close to Wanna Dance With Somebody. The crisper and more moody Cheyenne is better, with a massive chorus and a Bee Gees-ish sound to it (he’s big on the falsetto).
There’s a lot of old style disco on here but other songs like Get Ugly have a more modern sound; it’s a groove-laden dance tune that’s pretty good, all about telling girls to get ugly because they’re just too hot for Jason. When we say “modern” and “pretty good” we mean “no tune at all but saved by production”, the reason we tend not to like stuff like this.
Worse is Pull Up, which not even production can save. Not only is there no tune but the lyrics compare women to cars: “You can drive it when you want / But you gotta keep that top down for me” and a pre-chorus of “Look at that sexy body / Look at that trunk in the back / Ima get a lil bit ratchet / Cause I never seen a girl like that”.
But a couple of clunkers aside, on the whole it’s not bad at all and very slick. Talented guy, just not our cup of tea.

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