Simi Stone: Simi Stone

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Stone, half of The Duke and the King, has produced an album that’s a bit like going on a bender on expensive wine. The first couple of glasses are beautiful but after that; well, you’re half a bottle of wine into the session and it doesn’t matter. Somewhat similarly: the first few tracks on this are superb but pretty soon one’s palate gets jaded and one’s mind switches off, and it’s the end of the bottle, sorry, album, before you know where you are.
Which is a shame: opener Pyramid is a lovely bluesy Motown-tinged pop tune that evokes a summer’s day and young love. It’s crisp, and her voice is soothingly fresh. It reminded us of the Isley Bros for its summery feel.
Good Friend is also good, more Motown than its predecessor, and just a bit slower. Natural Grace is ok, a Hall and Oates-ish soully pop tune, while Benny has the sound of a classic Motown hit from the sixties. All Of The People is pleasant.
But you’ve been wishing for something with the snap of Pyramid for several songs now and by Missing You, only six of the 13 tracks in, you realise it’s not coming, and the songs that follow are rather insipid. Don’t Come Back is ok, a rather Dido-esque upbeat number. By closer I Do, which drags the album back to life, it’s a little too late.

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