Brother and Bones: Brother and Bones

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Brother and Bones are an excellent new band who struggle a little with the high standards they set themselves. Standout track is the album opener Kerosene, a musical explosion that’s pure Kings of Leon southern boogie rock, with stomping drums, pounding bass, a scuzzy guitar solo and the singer screaming tunefully about kerosene love. After that, it’s something of a gentle decline.
To Be Alive slows it down and goes more acoustic, with a Lyndsey Buckingham-style acoustic strummed intro. Omaha is more Kings of Leon, with a song that — like most of this album — is written to fill a big arena with sound, though this is also its weakness (see below).
Raining Stone is slower, while For All We Know is poppier, almost Mumfordian. Elsewhere, the Mumford-tinged Everything To Lose is good, and Why Be Lonely opens like slow Killers.
Half of Brother and Bones is from the West Country and we can hear something of Reef about them. Reef were blues and Brother and Bones are acoustic / stadium rock, but they’ve both got an honest rootsiness.
It’s big, soundscapey music written for crowd-pleasing in stadia but the question is, will they get to the stadia? Any one moment of music ticks all the boxes for a successful rock band but sadly we feel it’s a little less than the sum of its parts when you stand back.
It sounds superficially impressive — like all those massive bands we mentioned — but we feel it lacks depth. It’s all much of a muchness. Colouring-in is not the same as painting.
Still the Americans love this sort of generic rock, which Brother and Bones do very well. Once you stop listening hard, it sounds much better too, so it’ll sound good on the radio when you’re in the car. They’re good musicians and the singer’s got a powerful set of lungs.
Good luck to ‘em; we wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to be one of those bands who are massive overseas and less so over here. Try Kerosene but don’t be misled.

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