Siobhan Wilson: Say It’s True

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Clannad are a mystery to us. One big hit and then a successful career based on churning out tedious Celtic tunery with lots of added atmosphere to make it seem more than dull as ditchwater.
But someone must like them — and the world would be a dull place (even duller than Clannad) if we were all the same — and we make the point to relate to this album, because we find it  slow. But who can say if you agree with us? We hate to diss albums, but sometimes you just know you can’t be the only one.
It would be true to say that the songs are sweet, lovely even, and Wilson has a nice voice, but it’s all so slow and twee that we had to play the first loud CD to hand to recover. (A compilation of Fast Eddie Clarke tracks – ex Motorhead – and in spite of Eddie’s many charms, it’s doubtful he’s ever been the answer to anything).
Before we gave up, we noted that Wilson is a good musician with, as we said, a gorgeous voice. She plays guitars as well as ukulele, mandolin and piano and keyboards.
Despite all her many talents, but taking into account our finding it all dull, we guess this has a limited market.
There are many decent folkies knocking out nice tunes, and unless you’re of a maudlin bent we can’t imagine many people would listen to something this unvarying in sound. Sorry, Siobhan.

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