Five Finger Death Punch: Got Your Six

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Five Finger Death Punch (aka 5FDP) are a highly generic metal band from Las Vegas. They’ve sold several million albums in the States and presumably fill big venues, which must be annoying if you’re a serious metal band writing original music, and putting some thought into your work.
5FDP are not original, not new, not particularly good and swear a lot. What they are is chuggingly predictable, with big riffs, some good guitar work and sing-along choruses. We’d guess there’s a lot of people (who probably to drive to work in pick-ups with guns bolted on, or argue over whose frat house is the best) who know what they like and like what they know, and that is mindless, uncultured metal.
They also probably play computer games a lot — the sleeve artwork has some kind of first person shooter / Doom thing going on, and if you analysed the running order it may indeed be the story of a violent game.
The title track is the opener and uses the punnery offered in the title: Got Your Six is 5FDP’s sixth album and also military slang for “I’ve got you covered”, so the lyrics, er, cover this. They rhyme “I’m a f~~~ soldier” and “Just like I told ya”, poetry it’s not.
Jekyll And Hyde is about fighting inner demons (singer Ivan Moody is an alcoholic). Several songs are about alienation, characters who have turned their backs on society, perhaps a nod at their target audience. Closer Boots And Blood possibly has more four-letter words than any song previously recorded.
It’s a brutal album, though the band are obviously good musicians who can see a good hook when it comes along, and it’s squarely aimed at young men getting sweaty in the mosh pit. In its defence, they’re from Vegas and some of that city’s swagger rubs off.

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