Seal: 7

review seal x1 cong.jpg

This is his ninth album, obviously. The good news for Seal is that it’ll probably feature in many people’s sacks from Santa in three weeks’ time, and they’ll probably all love it.
His voice is still enchanting and the poppy soul at which he specialises is fresher than a crisp £20 note straight off a forger’s press. Lots of harmony, tight beats, Seal’s voice and that musical crispness previously referred to.
The sound is very much in the 90s — it put the more geriatric members of the Review Corner in a party frame of mind, reminiscent as it is of the music that cool bars played back then.
It is, however, very forgettable. It’s good while it’s playing but there’s zero danger of an earworm.
Standout songs are Life On The Dancefloor or Redzone Killer. If you like either of those, you’ll love the album.

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