Enya: Dark Sky Island

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We struggle with Enya; we like ambient and New Age music, but Enya seems content (who wouldn’t be, given her sales?) to churn out albums that are aimed more at the garden centre than the record store. It’s as diffuse (and about as interesting) as a damp autumn mist.
Dark Sky Island is her first album in five years, but whether it’s good or bad we have no idea. We guess fans will like it because it’s more of the same. We assume it’s for people who want music to create a set mood, and being enveloped in Enya’s dreamy vocals and harpy Irish mist does the job.
As with all her music, the opener The Humming is a little livelier and it’s the track that evokes Orinoco Flow. There’s always one.
Of the rest, So I Could Find My Way is also livelier, too. Even In The Shadows is a bit like a U2 track, if U2 were stuffed full of horse tranquilliser (which some of you might think is a good idea). Echoes In The Rain borrows from Eric Brazilian’s One Of Us, a hit for Joan Osborne.
Lyrically, it’s all very Game of Thrones, time passing as old rocks glisten in the rain, and maids turn to old women and then become part of the soil. (There is a connection, too: the last episode of season three was overdubbed with an Enya tune: the episode was the one after the Red Wedding so we will draw a veil over the plot).
People who find this sort of stuff annoying will love that several tracks are in Loxian, an invented language with an alphabet that looks like a drunken spider was let loose with the Dingbats font.
A fan on Amazon calls it “a work of unparalleled beauty” (though another more in depth commentator complains: “It came on time but does not come in a normal plastic case just a sleeve.”).

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