Enter Shikari: The Mindsweep: Hospitalised

review shikari x1 cong
We like Enter Shikari, with their shouty but politically charged songs coupling anger with metal/DnB. The Mindsweep, which came out early this year, was no different, the title referring to those in power withholding new ideas and keeping our minds swept clean.
This sees Hospital Records’ producers remix the tracks, and we have to say it works well, mainly because it takes off all the rough edges and makes it a slicker album, while keeping the angry lyrics intact.
Remixes come from a range of people we’ve mostly never heard of: Metrik, Keeno, Reso, S.P.Y., Etherwood, Hugh Hardie, Danny Byrd and Krakota.
The remixes mean that the rougher tracks are mellowed out a bit, even improved, and the better songs are in no way worsened. Fans should buy it; if you’ve always found them a bit too loud, it might make them more palatable, too.

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