EPs – Meadowlark, John Parry

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Meadowlark:  Paraffin

We’ve been doing this reviewing lark man and boy for 15 years or so and Meadowlark’s last EP is one of our favourite releases over that period. It came out last year but rarely a week goes by without us playing it. It’s an aural relaxant; nice melody but chilled and the dreamy voice of Kate McGill. Paraffin is the follow-up to that EP (Dual) and it sounds as good. We’ve not got a copy yet and played this on YouTube but we see no reason why we won’t love this as much. In case you didn’t guess, we like this. Album please, Meadowlarkers. This is out now. They’re on at Manchester’s Dot to Dot Festival if you’re going.

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John Parry:  Enough

If anyone tells you there’s no good music around any more, just point them in the direction of Meadowlark or Mr Parry. Then kick them. We wrote about this EP a couple of weeks ago but it’s been playing in the Review Corner ever since. The EP is from the 18-year-old former winner of the XLP Arts Showcase (XLP is one of the largest charities in London, working with children and young people growing up in some of the city’s toughest areas). Parry has got a soulful, bluesy voice and the music is classy. The person he reminds us most of is John Butler, the Australian folkie blues legend; Parr has the same yearning in his vocals and a similar intricacy to his musical arrangement.

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