Phil Collins: Dance Into The Light

review collins dance x1 cong

We confess to never having heard this album or any of its songs, and it’s possible that even if we had, we’d have forgotten them. It’s all a bit unremarkable, though it’s a pleasant album with several enjoyable songs.

The downside is that it’s Collins at his slickest; unmemorable tunes with an unremarkable voice don’t make for a classic album. There’s less of the soul (though there’s brass) and no drum-led tracks, as on Hello I Must Be Going. It’s got a vaguely world music feel, but it’s the world of a child’s Disney film.

Opener Dance Into The Light is the most Phil Collins song you could ever hear; if you listed all his trademark sounds, this would be them distilled into one song. It’s inoffensive and warms up towards the end.

Track two That’s What You Said is the one that gives you sympathy for Collins: a Beatles-ish tune, it has a nice groove to it that is very appealing, but it just never goes anywhere. You can hear what he wanted it to be, it’s just a little too bland. Nice tune, though.

Lorenzo, which tries to have a World feel, is ok in parts but it’s a bit heavy-handed, even the drum section in the middle. Again, it’s inoffensive more than anything. Collins seems a guy who feels a bit sorry for himself (justifiably, perhaps, seeing the drubbing he gets from people) but he does empathetic songs well, so Just Another Story, about ordinary people being pushed too far, is good, perhaps the standout. Elsewhere, You Can Wear My Hat is the music of Paul Simon, done better by Mr Simon. A cover of Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’ is just weird.

Again, there’s a bonus CD of live tracks and B sides. An on-line review pointed us to It’s Over on this bonus section, which is actually better than anything on the main album.

An odd album: totally forgettable but quite enjoyable while it’s playing, so in a way that’s as weird as the Dylan cover. We’d recommend this if you want something to play over and over

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