She Drew The Gun: Memories Of The Future

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You may well be hearing more of She Drew The Gun: they have won Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition, coming out on top of the live finale and seeing off competition from thousands of other acts in the free-to-enter annual contest. The prize is a slot on one of Glastonbury’s main stages and £5,000 to help with the band’s development.

We have to say, they must have a good live show as this CD is good, but not that good. On their website, She Drew The Gun say they are “dreamy lyrical psych-pop,” which is about right. It’s gentle psychedelic pop accompanied by somewhat wistful female vocals.

They reminded us of Bristol duo Ilya, whose debut album (They Died For Beauty — from 2004, yikes!) — has similar vocals but a sharper musical sound, and more trip hop. (Lena Headey from Game of Thrones was in a video for Ilya, the future Cersei Lannister being unfaithful to a youthful Martin Freeman). We digress. If you heard Ilya, She Drew The Gun is like an indie version.

The album is a result of singer Louisa Roach meeting Coral’s James Skelly in 2015, and he produces. The lyrics are reportedly autobiographical (we’ve got nothing written down) set to “haunting riffs and melodies”; we’d not say haunting, but it is atmospheric.

It’s all pretty much the same, Roach’s vocals being the distinguishing feature. As well as Ilya, she sounds a little like Emiliana Torrini, whose Fisherman’s Woman (2005, yikes again) is another perennial favourite.

All in all, it’s not an album that’s going to leap out and grab you, but it could nestle down beside you and become a firm favourite.

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