Heck: Instructions

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Mathcore punks Heck were previously known as Baby Godzilla but forced to change their name by a Japanese film company.

Which is ironic: play this raucous blast of noise pollution at an invading gorilla whale and it would soon get the heck out. We no longer have to fear alien invasion, at least.

Heck are a band for whom the word “brutal” was invented. You remember how abrasive early Gallows were? Heck make them sound like Susan Boyle. It’s the kind of music young lads like: get in the moshpit and go wild, more than likely with the band in there with you, if they’re not crowd surfing or diving off amps.

It’s far too loud for us, mainly because of the shrieking and shouting. The music is discordant, the sound of Godzilla running amok in a Meccano set while banging cymbals and roaring.

This is clearly by choice: there is some fine playing buried in there and the closing track (It’s a three-parter: See The Old Lady Decently, Buried Although and Among Those Left Are You) degenerates into standard prog at one point while the band shows off its musical ability. Totem similar sees them lapse into professional competency.

We’d bet that once the Heck members get this out their system, they (or the band) will feature in more conventional prog rock bands, to greater success.


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