Hayley Ross: Barracuda

review barracuda x1 cong

For reasons relating to hangovers we had this EP on repeat in the Review Corner for one whole day. We’ve probably listened to it more times than anyone accept Ross herself. It’s nice more than anything, and comforting. It’s mainly her and an acoustic guitar and she has a somewhat elfin voice, so it’s a kind of whimsical folk pop. (A live review mentions some garage rock but there’s no sign of that here).

The title track opens and it’s a dreamy tune about going swimming in “deep still water” and assuming the characteristics of the ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance. Gentle percussion accompanies her guitar and vocals.

Go Slow is more of the same, though slightly more uptempo and with added handclaps. Kids Again is slow and dreamy enough to be almost ambient. The standout comes last, a remix of the title track with added zither (or it could be a harp).

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