Dead Buttons: Some Kind of Youth

review dead buttons x1 cong

While LUH (elsewhere) try to create excitement by having an existential moment or two, Dead Buttons use rock n roll played fast and loud. It works much better. This is a great album and the first one in ages to make us go “Whoooa!”

It’s a bit of of a mish-mash styles, all linked together by the joy of loud. Opener 16-22 is a Hives-ish garage punk tune, so much so that we messaged a Hives fan to tell him to Google them.

But then I Don’t Want You To Let Me Down takes a turn, with a razor-sharp blues guitar riff, more like The Spin Doctors (Two Princes/Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong). Half way through, Dead Buttons throw in a Zep riff and go all Physical Graffiti before The Spin Doctors return.

Hangover is a wonderful, slow, spares blues tune that channels Zep’s Since I’ve Been Loving You in a garage punk way, the vocals aping Robert Plant’s tender moments. It opens so slowly it almost falls over, with spoken lyrics before the filthiest riff you’ve heard since early Black Keys comes in, followed by a dirty keyboard solo.

Also Zeppy is the slow, bluesy I Need A Million while Nothing But You has a psychedelic 60s feel. Strangers is jolly tune that sounds like it’s from the Saw Doctors back catalogue, and Useless Generation is a gentle acoustic ballad. Closer Witch is dumb garage rock n roll right from the opening line: “Unos dos tres quattro!”.

A lot of fun; play loud. There are only two of them, too.

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