Jess Morgan: Edison Gloriette


Morgan is a singer-songwriter who has crowd-funded her previous albums, though this is on Norwegian record label Drabant Music. She creates rootsy folk / country / Americana music that’s beautifully simple.

Opener The Longest Arm has harmonica and prompts Neil Young comparisons with its downbeat harmonica/acoustic guitar sound. It’s hard to pick other comparisons but Come To The Opera With Me, Loretta sounds like a slowed-down take on Michelle Shocked’s Come A Long Way.

According to the Press notes, lyrical topics include a shared moment with a waitress, the changes in priorities as one ages, and we think romance figures in a couple more songs. Skate While You’re Skinny is about making the best of life while you can, “there’s a long, long time to cruise”.

She’s four albums in, so it’s a bold and confident approach to song writing, though the sound overall is downbeat and late night. There’s folk and country, as well as a bit of blues. We’ve played it a lot; it’s good music to play while you’re working as it’s fairly chilled. Classy and rather lovely.

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