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Apothek: Apothek


Apothek are a duo from Oslo, and have that Norwegian sound to them, which is lo-fi and sounding like it was recorded in a cosy room with a big fire (which it might have been, given their climate).

It’s got the same intimate air as Choir of Young Believers, also from Norway.

Musically, it’s subtly textured electronic pop. By subtle: if you don’t listen, you miss it; it’s one of those albums where you hear track one and half an hour later realise it’s finished. Good on headphones, it’s more ambient than melody-heavy. In places it’s a bit Cut Copy, in others a bit Alphabetical-era Phoenix.

Opener Roaring (which doesn’t) is good but the album takes off (ok, stirs from the chair) with Waiting For The Thunder, which has slightly off-kilter synth Metronomy style, and rather nice harmonies. Family is track three and was another single, and is one that’s a bit Phoenix.

We like this kind of tranquil electronic indie in the Review Corner and this is a nice album, textured and chilled. It never takes off in the same way as Choir of Young Believers or the Swedish Dag för Dag but it’s pleasing.

Click on the link below to buy, always choose an indie record store first.


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