Amy Duncan: Undercurrents


This is a gentle and refined pop/folk album that seems to go on too long. If you like her voice, you may find it caressing your ear throughout and never tire, but otherwise the good moments are left stranded between the overly saccharine or bland.

She’s a talented musician: she plays guitar, piano and double bass and writes music that includes harp, violin, viola and cello. Musically, it’s rich and almost chamber in places. In the good songs, she sounds like Carole King or even Kate Bush.

Opener is The Good Life, one of the more saccharine numbers though if you love this, the rest of the album will have you hooked. Things pick up a little with Fragile From The Storm, with her voice a little sharper and some nice harp. No Harvest is good too, her distinctive voice being joined by drums for the first time, after two more acoustic songs. Different Dimensions is a bit psychedelic, in a gentle folk way. Complicated Human is just nice and sets the tone for the rest. Even folk fans might find this drags a little, as tempo and her voice offer little variation, but if her voice hits your sweet spot it might be a different story.

Buy using the link below.

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