The Head and the Heart: Signs of Light


Fans of The Head (as we hope they’re called for short) are rather critical of this, saying it’s a sign the Seattle folk-rockers have sold out. Some reviews even use the dreaded M-word. Yes, Mumfords.

All we can say is that a member of the Review Corner had an early Head CD which was a bit dull and has now gone to Music Magpie. This new one is much more poppy: less arty that Fountains of Wayne but not quite as slick as the dreaded Mumfords. We played this and then some Del Amitri, and they’re similar, though of course there’s only one Justin Currie and his voice is a marvel. You could compare this in places to Fleetwood Mac, Deacon Blue or even the Beatles; anyone who has turned out a well above average pop tune.

Opener All We Ever Know is ok, a poppy U2-lite stadium pleaser, but City of Angels is more interesting, a summery powerpop tune. Rhythm and Blues is slower with nice strings; Library Magic is a ballad. The title track is last and the one people compare to Mumford, but it has a piano intro that rips off Let It Be a little before building nicely, the kick drums being the only Mumfordian element. It reminded us more of Baby Bird’s You’re Gorgeous.

It’s high quality pop and pleasing on the ear; our only criticism is that we found it a little soulless, and despite repeated plays we’ve never grown to love it.

Buy here:

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