My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts


You should all know the story of the Black Parade — all about dying of cancer (the black parade is what the dead patient sees in the afterlife), a young man reflects on life, the band all die at the end. It sold a gazillion copies. This is the 10th anniversary re-release.

There’s not much we can say about it; if you’re a fan you’ve probably bought it already. We were never big fans of MCR when they were out, but that’s personal taste as we don’t like the overblown pomp rock they play, just as we don’t particularly like Queen. (We know, heresy.) If you’re left equally baffled by MCR’s success, it’s worth playing CD2 (obviously, you have to buy it first) of this anniversary set because it’s demos and rough mixes and it’s an eye-opener. Without that studio engineering and added pomposity they’re a good rock/punk band and you get what it’s about, and why they had all the success. This is the album that featured the witty Teenagers of course.

Buy this:

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