Jaws: Simplicity


Jaws are a cross between shoegaze, stoner rock and The Cure. They have the same kind of upbeat tempo but downbeat sound that The Cure do well; it’s possible they know this because the opening couple of bars of the first song are almost a Cure-clone but it’s the most Cure-ous moment on the album and the rest the time it is a mix of shoegaze (by which we mean lots of distorting guitars making a wall of sound, though not too much so in this case) and poppy stoner rock. The vocals go well with the drone of the background. Overall, it’s got a rather hypnotic vibe to it so it’s a calming CD.

This is an album you could play over and over and grow to love, though we’ve not quite got to that level of affection despite many plays.

Just A Boy opens, building the atmosphere for the album. Track two, What We Haven’t Got Yet was a single and is more to the pop side, with a lively guitar riff and some nice choppy bits. Right In Front Of Me has a hint of Death Cab for Cutie about it. At other moments, it’s clear the guitarist is a Smiths fan, too.

Our favourite is the super-hypnotic In The Morning, which is far too short and could do with a 12-minute Amorphous Androgynous remix.

Overall, very good. Maybe not quite there as a classic but not far off. Mention should be made of drummer Eddy Geach, who has some fine moments.

Simplicity of purchase, click here:

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