Lower Than Atlantis: Safe In Sound


This is Lower Than Atlantis’ fifth studio album, which means they’re pretty good at what they do: delivering friendly, accessible melodic rock. The obvious references we can think of are on the pop side: Athlete (on a good day) and even ELO, though maybe a little of Incubus and melodic rock bands like Jimmy Eat World. It starts off with its rockiest number, Had Enough, and then spends the next nine tracks slowing down and chilling out.

Lyrically they make a decent fist at lyrics that mean something, tackling depression and suicide, anxiety, love and rejection, being late for work, and the need for money.

Musically it’s formulaic, but effectively done, and it’s got a clean sound. It’s got something about it, too; one of those albums that suggest chilling out and being happy, and thus puts you in a good mood.

A shout-out to drummer Eddy Thrower, too, whose clean playing in no small way contributes to the feel of the album, keeping it simple and (we think) favouring splash cymbals (or no cymbals) rather than big intrusive crashes, to keep the music flowing.

Purchase now:

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