Nell Bryden: Bloom


“Singer-songwriter and BBC Radio Two favourite” says the Press release, which almost tells you all you need to know. It’s very melodic and carefully crafted and, for style, Carole King / Carly Simon. Classy, melodic tunes, delivered in a classic style.

On one level, it’s flawless. Bryden has a pleasing, soulful mid-range voice, does nothing to frighten the horses and sings songs about meaningful things, like being yourself (In The Morning), love (Thought I was Meant For You) and getting drunk (My House).

If you want a criticism, it lacks a little bite, but Radio Two listeners who made her a favourite probably want predictability not a musical adventure.

Enjoyable and melodic but errs towards the safe. Try the rather good Lie To You or the rather lovely Thought I Was Meant For You.

Boom! Bloom. Whatever. Buy here:

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