Bleeker: Erase You

review bleeker x1 cong

Bleeker are a Canadian trio and this album is as polite and well-behaved as the national clichés have it.

Opener Highway is somewhat of an imposter and kicks things off in misleading fashion. It’s a sleazy glam stomper, with scuzzy if polished riffs and a throbbing bass. It was, the internet reports, played at the superbowl.

Free is next, less scuzzy but equally stompy, and Getting Out, slightly gentler on all scores.

The title track is good, a solid rock pop tune with more feet in the rock camp, while the album firmly turns to pop with I’m Not Laughing Now, a massively catchy tune that will have everyone getting out Shazam when they hear it on the radio. Radio Radio is a sterling punked cover of the Elvis Costello song. Three poppier songs take the album to its close, Emergency, a heavier take in a Busted-style tune; Close My Eyes, a rather lovely piano-led ballad, and Every Time You Call a crowd-stirring pop tune designed to both close the album and the encore at like shows.

Plenty of hooks, attitude, riffs and soul; pretty good.

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