Robert Radecke: Piano Trios

reivew radecke x1 cong

Radecke was a skilled player of the pianoforte, organ and violin — the sleeve notes report he was a “sensation” when he played Beethoven in Berlin. He was top in his class at Leipzig Conservatory and as a reward played a Schumann piece to the composer himself, remaining friends with him afterwards. He also greatly impressed Liszt.

On photos of him as an old man he looks a little tetchy and the gentleness and sophistication of these pieces is a surprise; the sleeve notes however show him as a young man, the epitome of a young gallant about town in the 19th century.

This CD features three trios: Trio in A flat major, Three Fantasy Pieces for Cello and Piano, and Piano Trio in B minor. It’s a pleasure to listen to, the music warm and melodic and Radecke having an ear for a good tune; he’d have probably been a famous writer of sophisticated chart hits had he been alive today. It’s also soothing, almost the epitome of relaxing classical music.

The Trio Fontane (Noëlle Grüebler, violin; Jonas Kreienbühl cello, and Andrea Wiesli, piano) do a fine job keeping Radecke’s name alive. There is little of his music recorded and his descendants helped with this CD, which is out on CPO, 777996-2.

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