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Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night

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You should all have heard this, or parts of it. It was the Mac’s second-best selling album after Rumours and some of the tracks are as well-known as the Rumours classics — Seven Wonders, Caroline, Tango in the Night, Little Lies and Family Man among them — so there’s not much to say on the music.

The story behind it is more interesting: from what we read, Lindsey Buckingham did most of it in his home studio — even the cover image is a painting of his —while Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood were banished to a caravan because of their Peruvian powder problems. Nicks’ voice is a bit flaky in places — apparently she had to get drunk to sing — and it seems to us there’s a lot of programmed drums on the album.

It says everything about Fleetwood Mac that Buckingham was working on a solo project, and Fleetwood suggested making a more lucrative Mac album instead. So one can assume that Buckingham’s solo effort would have sound a little similar, but sold about 14m fewer copies, while the rest of the band got a paycheque for not turning up (only Christine McVie seems to have really contributed, as John McVie was drunk on a boat at the time).

Buckingham used the latest in ‘80s technical wizardry to make the album, and many of the vocals are his. The album artwork, Homage, a Henri Rousseau by Brett-Livingstone Strong, hangs on his wall.

This reissue is remastered and comes with a decent bonus disc, a full version of You And I, Part II being particularly good.

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