While She Sleeps: You Are We

revview while she sleeps x1 cong

This is metalcore, a genre of music in which talented musicians who can play to a high standard and have a great singer deliberately reduce their potential audience by adding screaming and grunting. Go figure. It’s their career, but always baffles us. (Like a talented genius writing music reviews for a weekly newspaper and … and, er, sorry. Do go on).

You’ve got your actual grindcore, and on into death metal, where growling and shrieking is de rigeur and then you have metal, where everyone sings and plays guitars that are properly tuned. Bands like this straddle the divide, with (probably) not enough gutterality for the grindcore fans but too much shrieking for most metal fans.

We can usually stand about 10-15% shrieking, and this is that or thereabouts so we quite like it. It’s the top end though, so if your tolerance is low, avoid.

While She Sleeps are from Sheffield (home to Bring Me The Horizon) but they most remind us of early Linkin Park, because of the more melodic sections and because of the odd bit of rapping. They’re more brutal than LP, though.

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