My Baby: Prehistoric Rhythm

review baby x1 cong

We reviewed Little Dragon’s new one last week, noting they’d lost some of their early bounce. Now we know where it’s gone — the super-bouncy My Baby have nicked the bloomin’ lot

This is the third album for Dutch band My Baby and we’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s a mix of Little Dragon (groove-laden dance music) and Luke Steele (the slick pop of The Sleepy Jackson and Empire of the Sun), at least until they throw in world music and blues.

Opener Electrified is just that, the bass laying down a groove so solid it’ll make your music player of choice weigh more. There’s some nice banjo at the end.

Same Wave sounds like early Little Dragon, mid-tempo, cool funky dance. Love Dance starts off a bit Moby but then goes African / tribal in the middle. Make A Hundred opens with a bluesy lick, adding a rather pleasing guitar to the groove, a trick repeated with Sunroof Diesel Blues. More Muddy Waters and Louisiana than Amsterdam.

If you want a fault, the variety of sounds — dance, electronica, blues, tribal rhythms — result in the focus getting a little lost in places but if you want a solid voodoo groove, nice tunes and pleasing vocals, you will not be disappointed with this. Most pleasing.

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