Paul Weller: Jawbone

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As soundtracks go this is good, and Weller has done an excellent job. It’s pretty impressive as his first effort; maybe not quite as atmospheric as a Nick Cave and Warren Ellis job but they’ve had more practice.

The opening track is Jimmy / Blackout, nearly 22 minutes long and pretty much ambient music throughout. It varies in mood and there is some throbbing guitar, piano, and more ambient drone and abstract sounds. It closes with Weller on vocals, sounding more like a classic crooner from 1950 than the Modfather.

The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe and Bottle see Weller revert to a pop sound, two delicate ballads that should at least give pop fans a way into the album. The title track is a grungy, psychedelic instrumental.

It’s all good, and as meaty as you’d expect from Weller. Quite who’ll buy it we’re not sure, it’s not rock, and it’s not anywhere near your normal soundtrack, and it’s got some effing and jeffing in the spoken sections.


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