Formation: Look at the Powerful People

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Formation have had a good idea: James Murphy is putting LCD Soundsystem back together (an album is due later this year), so they can steal a march and fill a hole in the life of LCD fans.

They don’t do a bad job. The opener Drugs has it all: plenty of cowbell, a massive repeated bass line, spoken vocals slightly distorted, a big dash of nostalgia just before the real thing is served up later this year. You might find yourself playing this track over and over, just for the bass.

Pleasure is perhaps more Hot Chip. The title track is next, Powerful People a rockier song that’s less LCD and more, well something else; there’s a touch of Foals about it.

To be fair, while the initial reaction is LCD, there seems to be more to them than that: there’s something of the soul-tinged rock of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and even the eclectic pop/rock mix of Joe Jackson. Closer Ring is a stonker that suggests they can create their own sound. Perhaps not the most original but a good album for playing loud.

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