Anteros: Drunk EP

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Anteros (we assume it’s pronounced Ant-air-ross) are a London-based quartet playing indie pop/rock that channels the 80s. While nothing new, it’s fun and full of bounce, and plenty of hooks.

The title track opens, about being drunk and in love, and doing crazy things. Drunk and happy or drunk and wearing beer goggles is never made clear. It could be from a John Hughes teen movie, it’s both that strong and identifiably 80s. On The Moon has less of a rock beat and goes for more pop, but with a nice chorus. Again, it seems to be about love.

Cherry Drop speeds it up and goes a bit Roxette. Closer High, Goodbye is a slower song, sticking a slow song as your closing track apparently popular with EPs today. It’s not exactly a ballad but it’s more thoughtful.

Roxette are a good comparison: Anteros are tight, and tidy in sound; it’s got that same controlled feel that Roxette have, which we never really warmed to. Fans of classy pop/80s pop/rock might well find something to like though.

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