Mélanie Pain: Parachute

review pain x1 cong

We’ve not come across Pain before but the Press notes say she has “left her pop-folk influences far behind”.

Well, not all that far. This is a piano-based album that aims to be slightly arty and dreamy, with a minimalist sound. She sings in French throughout, the soft vocals part of the texture as much as lyrics. Particularly if you don’t speak French.

If this all sounds interesting, the end result is a little underwhelming. It’s quite nice when it’s playing and it might make for easy background music, but we can’t think of a solid reason why you should buy it, a fondness for dreamy piano-based music sung in French aside. (Gael Rakotondrabe plays piano — his other gigs include being in Antony and the Johnsons).

In places, they reminded us of a less lively version of Ilya, the Bristol trip hop/lounge jazz band, whose 2003 debut They Died for Beauty has been a Review Corner staple for years. (Fourteen years, apparently. Good grief).

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