Will Joseph Cook: Sweet Dreamer

review cook x1 cong

We can see young Will (he looks about 12) carving out a nice career among people who like well-crafted tunes from cool singer-songwriters; the kind of act that fills Manchester Apollo without bothering the charts much. A nice living if you can do it.

The songs are all neat and crisp, well produced but not overly so, and retain an indie feel. Cook has a light voice that slips towards falsetto in places. He reminded the older Review Cornerers of a sound between Duran Duran (bouncy rock/pop) and the pop balladry of Howard Jones. The Guardian review catered for younger listeners, citing Phoenix and Vampire Weekend, but the sound is definitely more rooted in the 80s than more recent decades, with its simple beats, synths and drum machine (or at least the sound of one).

The cover sums it all up well: it’s a pleasant and summery sound, (Plastic goes as far as a tropical mix) and he can knock out a good tune. It doesn’t vary much but then there’s no filler either. Highly recommended.

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