Enzo Bellomo: Legacy and R-Evolution

review bellomo x1 cong

“Modern” classical music can be vexing at times, interesting ideas and experimentation not always making for the easiest of listens.

This debut album by Italian composer Enzo Bellomo aims to be (as it says on the tin) a modern classical record but drawing on the legacy of past greats. It’s less r-evolution than comfort food, though — if you’re frightened of classical music but have an idea of what you might like, this is probably it.

It’s mildly downbeat and atmospheric music that’s practically ambient as it slides pleasantly past your ears. It sounds both modern — we’ve not made much effort to check but we guess it’s mostly 4/4 time throughout, giving it a rhythm that fans of pop music are familiar with — and old, Bellomo drawing, as he says, on traditional classical music.

It’s pretty free-flowing throughout, aided by that easy time signature, and Zoè Saubat (cello) and Lucie Troger (piano) play well. In places, it’s creates an atmosphere in others it drives along at pace.

Fans of classical music who like film scores might like it (though it’s not very filmic), and of course fans of Andre Rieu (though it’s cheese-free) also. Those of you who like gentle pop with piano might find it appealing. For a criticism, it’s clearly on the lightweight side and meant to soothe and entertain rather than move with its deep meaning. It knows this too, and comes in at just under 40 minutes long.

Out on the Gemini label, GM 003-2016

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