Royal Blood: How Did We Get So Dark?

review blood x1 cong

Royal Blood’s début did that clichéd thing of exploding on the music scene, literally and figuratively. Literally for the jaw-droppingly confident, Bonham-esque intro of the first song, Out Of The Black, distilling decades of rock from Zep to Muse in its opening moments. Figuratively, as they were held up as the vanguard of a new wave of British rock. It was a good album, the two band members making a proper blues racket.

Could they repeat it? Probably not, a début being both the best songs a band has accumulated while under no pressure but possessing all the energy and desperation of a young musicians on a make-or-break or effort.

So, this is a different album, and it’s still good. The songs are more the solid work of a classy stoner rock band, melodic but grungy stadium-pleasers, albeit riffier and dirtier than the début; probably more of a groove, too. Plenty of retro-sounding blues, blended with modern QOTSA/Foos-influenced rock.

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