Dua Lipa: Dua Lipa

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This is not the kind of album we would normally listen to, slick RnB pop by the latest young person with a decent voice, but as she is walking out with Mr Chris Martin and thus now fodder for the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, we thought we’d give her a serious listen.

The whole is an album of decent pop bangers, the first track aside; Genesis is bland X Factor fodder. It’s more than compensated for by Lost In Your Light, Hotter Than Hell and Be The One, which immediately follow. She has a decent voice, though we detected the use of Auto-Tune, presumably because her own perfectly decent voice can’t quite ease itself between the notes in the way the market she’s aiming for wants. (Though Ed Sheeran manages).

She gets writing credits on all songs but enlists a massive team of writers with funky names: Chelcee Grimes (written for Kylie, Kesha), Digital Farm Animals (aka Nicholas Gale, written for R Kelly, Little Mix) and Gerard O’Connell, an auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Maybe a different Gerard O’Connell, that. Mr Martin co-wrote one song.

Plenty of sass, as the teenage Review Corner member says. As well as the singles, the standout is New Rules; neat lyrics for pop of this ilk.

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