Erasure: World Be Gone

review erasure

Donald Trump is obviously a terrible president but it’s not all bad: the media ratings are up in the US thanks to the trail of chaos he leaves behind, while Erasure seem to have been inspired by the state of the world when they wrote this (and that was before Theresa May teamed up with the DUP; maybe it’ll be on the deluxe reissue).

While it sounds like Erasure it’s more thoughtful and presumably — by the fact that we’ve had a copy to write about — they’re hoping its more serious, downbeat pop will have a wider appeal than their usual market, (men in leather vests on the dance floor).

Opener Love You To The Sky is typical Erasure, so as not to scare away fans, but then comes Be Careful What You Wish For, and then the title track, a slow ballad about loss, while the The Bitter Parting is also slow.

The standout is perhaps Still It’s Not Over, a minimalist song apparently about gay rights being under attack; “ignorance is not bliss” they remark. The stark and almost industrial Oh What A World is about modern life: “Stop the world I want to get off … what became of wanting to be free?”

Erasure fans expecting frothy disco might initially be disappointed but it’s a proper music album. So, if you’ve been avoiding Erasure for a while, it’s worth a listen.

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