At the Drive-In: Inter Alia

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At the Drive-In are a punk / post-hardcore band who released three studio albums before breaking up in 2001; this is the first album in 17 years.

Following the break-up, half the band became The Mars Volta then Antemasque (which variously featured Flea on bass and Travis Barker on drums). But now they’re back and we have Inter Alia (written In•ter A•li•a but that’s design, not grammar).

It’s hard to say much about it. It’s fast and technical, a kind of post-hardcore math rock, and they all play well (fans of Antemasque will recognise the sound), but it lacks soul. The track names are clever, though.

It’s clearly a sincere album, and the quality control is high but it’s almost prog, where the complexity (in music and lyrically) is the most important aspect. Maybe a little too serious; technically accomplished and impressive but also a little meh

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